Make sure you and your family are always protected by keeping in mind these 10 telling signs that your home may need a new roof!

Are you wondering whether it is time to replace your roof?

The average replacement cost of a 2,000 square foot roof ranges from $8,500 to $16,500 installed. But this price can vary quite a bit depending on the underlayment and shingles used on your roof.

The significant cost of replacing your roof may make you hesitant to commit to undertaking the job. But how can you tell when it is time to go ahead and remove your existing roof?

Read on to learn 10 telling signs that you need a new roof!

1. Roof Age

One of the first places to start when deciding whether to replace your roof is to consider its age.

The useful life of a roof depends on the type of shingles you have. Cement shingles have an average life of 25 years, while asphalt shingles last about 20 years.

Your roof may not last as long if you live in an area where there are harsh weather conditions.

2. Interior Water Leaks

One of the tell-tale signs of when to replace a roof is if you see water leaks in the interior of your home.

Sometimes these leaks will actively show themselves during heavy rains, but other times, these leaks are not so easy to detect. That’s because there can be slow leaks that show themselves as brown spots on your ceiling.

But why are these spots brown?

Typically, spots are brown in color because there are particles in your attic or on the pipes where water travels from your roof down to the interior ceiling.

3. Damaged Shingles

When does a roof need to be replaced? Shingles that are damaged can be a sign that your roof needs to be removed.

But what is the damage you should be looking for?

Cracked shingles are a sign that your shingles have been dried out and are no longer providing the protection your roof needs. Other times, you may have shingles that have detached and fallen off your roof altogether.

4. Sagging Roof

When you are trying to decide on what to do with your roof, you should make your decision after a visual inspection.

If the “eye test” reveals a sagging roof, you should consider replacing it. When your roof sags, this can mean that your roof is waterlogged. Alternatively, the wood underneath your shingles could be rotting away.

It is important not to ignore a sagging roof because it could be in danger of collapsing onto the surface below.

5. Mold in Your Attic

Mold in your attic is a sign that you have water intrusion under your roof.

That’s because mold begins to grow as a result of moisture and humidity inside of a dark area.

When you find mold in your attic, it is important to remediate it fast. That’s because it can multiply and create major health issues for you.

6. Seeing Daylight

One of the easiest ways to know it is time to replace your roof is by standing inside your attic with the lights off during the daytime.

If you are able to see sunlight through the ceiling, this is a sign that your roof has holes in the surface. Besides being a danger for water intrusion, this can also be an entry point for unwanted rodents.

If the holes are small and isolated, you may be able to patch them. But it’s important to remember that patching these holes may be a short-term fix for your problem.

7. Cracks or Breaks in Flashing

Your roof’s flashing is an important part of the roofing system and any cracks or breaks in it can create a major problem.

But what is flashing? It is galvanized steel or aluminum that covers joints in a roof to serve as a water barrier. When you have a crack or break in the flashing, this can be a vulnerable point for your roof to allow water to enter your home.

If you see cracking or breaks that are not able to be repaired, it is time to replace your roof to keep your home protected.

8. Evidence of Poor Workmanship

An exterior visual inspection can reveal evidence that your roof has been installed poorly.

Some of the things that you should look for include loose or missing shingles and exposed wood. The underlayment on top of the wood is covered by shingles.

But when shingles are loose or missing, this forces your underlayment to work harder to protect the interior of your home.

9. Moss Stuck to Shingles

Depending on the height of your roof, it can be worthwhile to get on a ladder and visually inspect your shingles.

Do you see moss stuck to your shingles? If you do, this can be a threat to the safety of your roof system. That’s because moss is a breeding ground for mold that can decay the surface of your shingles.

This can cause your shingle system to fail and make it necessary to replace your roof sooner.

10. Your Energy Bills Are Increasing

One unexpected way that you may learn it is time to replace your roof is by recognizing an increase in your electric bills.

You should look over your past electric bills to have a reference for how much your bills have increased. If the weather in your area is roughly the same as it had been the year before, and your bills are significantly more, you may have a roof problem.

Your electric bills can be higher because your air conditioner or heater is being forced to work harder to maintain your home.

Wrapping Up: When You Need a New Roof

The strength of your roof system is an important part of keeping your home safe.

Because of the significance of your roof, it is crucial that you do not wait too long to replace your roof. If you do, you risk expensive damage that you can avoid by replacing it sooner.

But because of the expense when you need a new roof, you should look for a trusted roofing contractor to perform your job. At JR & Co., Inc., we are a team of experienced professionals ready to help you find the best roof for your home or office.

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