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Whether your commercial roof has surpassed its useful life, or you just want a complete overhaul, you need to hire competent contractors for your roof replacement. Besides being a safety risk, a poorly installed commercial roof can lead to time-consuming and costly repairs in the future – which is always bad for business.

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line commercial roofing in Colorado Springs, look no further than JR & Co. We’re a dedicated commercial roofing company with decades of experience installing a wide range of roofing types.

In addition we have an experienced commercial roofing repair and service department that can help you extend the life of your roof system. We also offer a full range of sheet metal and solar services. Feel free to visit those pages to learn more or click below to schedule a consultation with us so we can learn more about your needs and any upcoming projects you may have and how we can assist.

What Building Types Are You Experienced With?

  • Manufacturing
  • Churches
  • Secure or Restricted Access Buildings
  • Federal/Municipal Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools
  • Apartments
  • Retail Buildings
  • Warehousing
  • Food-grade Processing Plants

Whatever the type of commercial roofing project you need, there’s a pretty good chance we’ve handled it before.

What Commercial Roofing Systems Do We Specialize In?

We’re certified and experienced in installing, repairing, and replacing major commercial roof systems in the country, including:

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Roof Systems

Coming in sheet form, TPO is manufactured from a blend of ethylene propylene polymers and polypropylene. Its production doesn’t involve the use of chlorine or plasticizers, making it safe to use for a long period.

TPO is becoming a popular commercial roofing system because it offers excellent seam strength that’s resistant to tears, punctures, dirt accumulation, and mold. On top of that, this roofing system is also:

  • The most environmentally friendly single-ply roof system
  • UV and heat resistant, reducing the cooling costs at your facility
  • Lightweight, hence quick and easy to install
  • More affordable than other single-ply roofing systems
  • Comes with a strong waterproof seam thanks to its hot air-welded membranes

Wind-Vented Roofing Systems

These roof systems are similar to typical single-ply roofing systems, but they’re not held in place with adhesive or fasteners. Instead, wind-vented systems come with unique equalizer valves placed strategically around the roof system to harness the power of the wind or negative pressure to tightly hold the membrane down. This means the harder the wind blows, the tighter the roof. Some models can withstand wind speed of up to 150 mph.

Other benefits of wind-vented roofing systems include:

  • Minimized business interruptions
  • Environmentally friendly as it reduces waste
  • Warranties of up to 30 years
  • No structural damage from fasteners

At JR & Co., we have installed over 5.5 million square feet of wind-vented commercial roof systems. This makes us one of the top installers in the country.

PVC Roofing Systems

Manufactured from a blend of ethylene and chlorine, PVC roofing systems are chemical-resistant single-ply membranes suitable for low slope roofs. They’re strong, puncture-resistant, and UV-resistant. The membranes come in various sizes and thicknesses to meet every commercial roofing need.

We offer a premium line of high-performance PVC roofing systems that have withstood the test of time.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

This is a concealed fastener metal roofing system with panels running vertically up the roof. It’s growing in popularity thanks to its superior weather-tight capabilities, sleek look, and durability. Besides the usual variety in color, standing seam metal roofing systems also allow you to choose the panels’ width, length, profile, thickness, shape, and more, giving you maximum versatility.

EPDM Roofing Systems

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is a durable rubber roofing membrane mostly used on low-slope buildings. It’s usually available in black and white colors and sold in a broad variety of width and thickness. The roof can be mechanically attached, fully adhered, or ballasted.

Foam and Coatings

JR & Co. offers a broad range of coatings and spray polyurethane foam insulation. Foam roofing bonds around roof penetrations such as edges, vents, and pipes to form an impenetrable, seamless wedge.

Signs You Need a Commercial Roofing in Colorado Springs

While signs of roof damages may point toward roof replacement, some roofs may just need repairs. Seek the help of our roofing contractors to inspect the roof and advise on the way forward.

You may need commercial roofing replacement in Colorado Springs when there is:

Moisture Inside the Building

Any sign of water stains and moisture on the walls or ceiling of a building is a red flag. The building may also feel damp or have a moldy odor originating from the ceiling.

Warping on the Roof

When you notice some form of distortion, bubbling, and warping on your roof, seek professional help as soon as possible. This could be caused by excess water seeping into the material of the roof. The warping problem can quickly turn into a safety hazard if not taken care of quickly.

Dips and Sagging in the Roof

Since a roof is designed to support its weight, any dipping, sagging, and sudden change in its appearance could be a sign of ponding (water trapped on the roof), which may need replacing.

Gaps in the Seams

Seams use chemical or heated bonds to tie the roof membrane together, creating a waterproof barrier over the entire roof area. A visible sign of damage or deterioration to the seams may call for immediate repair or replacement.

Aged Roof

The lifespan of many commercial roofs varies depending on the type of roof installed, ranging from 15 to 30 years. Maintenance and repair only work within the roof’s lifespan after which replacement is required.

Open Penetrations

Roof penetrations such as vents, drains, HVAC units, pipes, and gas lines often come through the roof membranes of many commercial roofs. If not sealed properly during roof installation or spray coating, the penetrations become sources of leaks and damage the roof.

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At JR & Co., we’re not just experienced in what we do, we’re committed to your safety and satisfying your needs. Before we start any roofing project, we usually offer free commercial roof inspections in Colorado Springs to ensure we solve your roofing problem the best way possible.

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