JR & COWhatever you need a commercial roofer for, whether it is roof repair, maintenance or re-roofing, it is very important to work with the contractor that is suitable for the project. JR & Co. roofing professionals tell us that the process of finding the right contractor should start with assessing the roofers available locally using online or other sources, followed by personal contact with the roofer that might be suitable. These personal meetings are great opportunities to find the answer to any question that you may have – here are some of the topics to cover:

  • Licensing and experience – you need a roofer who is allowed to operate legally, possesses the right licenses, is properly insured and also has experience with the type of projects that you have. During the meeting, ask to be shown copies of the credentials and also ask for references;
  • How the project will be handled – ask the roofer to tell you how your project will be completed, how many people will work on your property and what to expect in terms of disruption and waste handling;
  • Request a written estimate – ask the roofer to provide a written cost estimate that includes all the details of the project, including the total costs, the deadlines, an itemized list of the materials that will be used and the warranties offered.