Sustainable Roof Systems – Solar, Coatings, Wind-Vented

roof coating finish castle

Roof with a coating system

Have you been thinking of ways to help protect the environment with roofing? You can do so while benefiting in several other ways. There are a variety of sustainable roof systems that can help you save energy, money, and contribute to bettering the environment. 


Solar Roof Systems are a great way to save money and turn your roof into a revenue center. While there’s a higher up-front cost, there are government incentives that help defray that cost. If you replace your roof system at the same time, the savings can be even greater. Once the panels are installed, they immediately start saving you significant dollars on your energy usage. By the end of their lifecycle, your roof will actually be making you money, rather than just depreciating.


Coating is a procedure employed to safeguard and increase the entity of a placed roof system. Using coating in your commercial building will give an additional  layer of protection to your roof.  This system is sustainable and environmentally friendly  since it can be renewed every 10 years to empower the waterproofing ability. One of the highlights of this system is how fast the installation is and how it can also help save energy

According to American Weather Star ” The reflective capabilities provide high-quality UV protection that also adds years to your rooftop and reduces energy costs. Highly reflective roof coatings deliver a cooler and more comfortable environment inside the building. By keeping the cool air in and hot air out, your roof coating will allow you to reduce your air conditioner use, which will lower your energy utility costs”.

 Wind-Vented Roof Systems

A wind-vented roof is a low-sloping system that uses special vents to hold the roof tightly in place among high-wind conditions. The principle behind the solution is the Bernoulli principle – initially a principle of fluid dynamics, the effect is defined as the reduction in the pressure of a fluid when it passes through a constricted section. In the case of roofs, the structures that use special vents become more firmly attached whenever high winds pass through the vents.

As reported by WindSmart “ A sustainable long term solution. Roof waste streams are a significant factor in the overloading of landfills. By keeping roof components dry, existing roof assemblies can be recycled in place to minimize the need for future tear off”.

It may be overwhelming to evaluate which system may be right for you and your building. If you’d like a free consultation to learn more, contact JR & Co. today! We’re local, reliable, referable and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.