Thermoplastic polyolefin is among the most popular materials used on flat roofs, appreciated for its resistance and durability. TPO roofs consist of a single layer of strong and durable synthetic material, made from sheets that can be 10, 12 or 20 feet wide to facilitate installation, but easy mounting is not the only benefit of the solutions – here are some others:

  • TPO costs – the size of the roof, the installation method chosen and the costs related to the roof’s support structure and  insulation will be important factors in determining the final amount that you will need to pay for your TPO roof, but the TPO material itself is very affordable; You will want to talk to reputable TPO roofing contractors for a more exact TPO roof installation estimate.
  • High fire rating – TPO is a Class A fire resistant material, suitable for applications that are fire-sensitive;
  • Superior reflectivity – TPO sheets are usually white, which makes them reflective. By reflecting solar heat, your TPO roof will prevent the entire roof structure from absorbing heat and from transferring heat toward the building interior. The quality will contribute to your efforts of reducing your energy bills considerably;
  • Durability – TPO roofs usually last for 15-20 years, but regular cleaning, inspections and timely repairs can efficiently prolong that lifespan by years.

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