How do Solar Panels Work?

Photovoltaic cells are used to create solar panels. This is why you will often see the term solar PV used when it comes to generating electricity via solar panels. These cells convert the energy from the sun into electricity.

The photovoltaic cells are sandwiched between layers of materials like silicone, which are semi-conducting. Each layer has various electronic properties that energize when photons from sunlight hit them, which generates an electric field. This is called the photoelectric effect, and it is this that generates the current that is required to generate electricity.

The panels generate a direct electric current (DC). This current passes through inverters, which convert it into an alternating current (AC). The end user with solar panels can then make use of that energy.

Why do solar panels make sense for your business?

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Now that understand the simple mechanics of solar power, it is important to look at the advantages associated with it and why solar is a great option for your business, regardless of your building type or industry.

Generate Your Own Power

Solar panels provide a stable and consistent form of renewable energy production, so long as the sun is shining! Battery systems can be used to store energy for use at night or during overcast weather. They can be used as the main energy source for a business (with a backup), or for supplemental energy production.

Solar panels are effective in all parts of the United States and help businesses like yours save money on their electricity bills every day!

Solar Panels Are Adaptable

Solar panels don’t require as much space when compared with other clean energy technologies. They can be installed just about anywhere!

From flat roof solar panel systems on businesses to larger solar businesses that provide an undisturbed habitat for nesting birds, butterflies, and bees, panels can also be installed in many different places. Regardless of your industry or business, you can be sure that solar panels are a great option for you.

This is the reason that installing roof solar panels is so popular—they’re easy to install everywhere.

You’ll Barely Know They’re Up There

Solar power systems do not result in any noise pollution while producing electricity. Business owners in any environment can benefit from installing panels on their buildings without disruption to everyday activities.

Once the solar panels have been installed at your business, there are very few maintenance requirements. All you need to do is a small clean from time-to-time to keep your solar panels clear of any debris and dirt so that they can work as effectively as possible.

Commercial Roofing & Solar Panel Installation

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We know your roof, which is why we added solar installation to our services portfolio! To ensure no damage occurs to your roof, it’s important that your solar project is installed by someone experienced in commercial roofing. We pride ourselves on over 30 years of quality roofing projects, so contact us today for peace of mind on your next solar installation project!

Contact us today for more information about solar panels for commercial buildings.

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