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  • What We Look for When Inspecting Your Roof's Current Condition

    Our inspectors have years of training and experience to spot damage and work with your insurance company if appropriate.

    • Are there signs of hail/wind damage?
    • Is the damage isolated or widespread?
    • Is there any sagging?
    • Are there any odors or signs of mold?
    • Are there any curled or cracked shingles?

  • We Won't Sell You a Roof You Don't Need

    A lot of residential roof repair companies use their repair divisions as an extension of their sales team. They’ll bid the repair, then hard sell you on a full replacement, even if you don’t need one.

    At JR & Co., we want to make your current roof last as long as possible. That means not only doing minor repairs without trying to upsell, but creating a plan to help extend the life of your current roof.

  • Once Your Project is Ready to Start

    Expect for the duration of this project, that there will be loud noises/vibrations from heavy rolls and bundles moving on the top of your home. Please take into consideration anything valuable on your walls (especially on the top floor), disruptions if you work from home, cars in the garage that may get blocked in by materials/dumpsters, etc.

    Protecting Your Property
    As needed or required we will be protecting your plants, driveway, HVAC, window screens with the use of plastic tarps and/or plywood.

    Material & Dumpster Drop Off
    The needed materials for your project, as well as a dumpster for the old roof, will be delivered to your home prior to the project’s start.

    Old Roofing Removed, Decking Inspected
    We will first remove the old roof system, then inspect the current decking to determine whether or not it’s suitable to handle the new system. You will be notified if any decking requiring replacement is discovered.

    Underlayment & Water Shield Applied
    Next, we install an underlayment to the roof field as well as ice & water shields to valleys and eves for added protection and to prohibit future ice damming.

    Shingles & Ridge Cap Installation
    Then it’s time for the new shingles to be installed. Once those are finished we will go back and add the ridge cap along the roofline.

    Finishing & Clean Up
    Once installation is complete, we will clean the entire area, including use of a large magnet to collect any fallen screws or metal objects in the yard.

What Our Customers Say

We’re a pretty tight knit neighborhood and one of my neighbors told me to call JR & Co…they went right to work, helping me understand what was involved in making a claim…I had an excellent company that put my roof on, we are very happy!

Mike D.

Being in the real estate business, I have a need for a trust worthy roofer several times a year. I had used several…before becoming acquainted with JR & Co. They have become my go to source for roofing. They have installed roofs on my house, my rental property and several family members as well as many of my clients homes. They have never disappointed me on one job.

Dan V.

I called JR & Co. in the middle of a rainstorm with a leaky roof – they quickly sent out a couple of guys who climbed up and put a stop-leak solution to prevent further leaking. They then explained the options for the problem, and came back promptly when the weather cleared up to fix the roof. Next rainstorm – no problems! JR & Co. had good communication, promptness, politeness of workers and effectiveness of service.

Aaron J.

Request Your No-Obligation Consultation

    Was your home in the path of a major storm?

    If so, it’s possible that you may have roof damage that warrants an insurance claim.

    JR & Co. will come out and give you a free, no-obligation inspection for your peace of mind. If we happen to find damage, we will work with your insurance company to get you a new roof for little to NO money out of pocket.

    Don’t trust your largest asset to storm chasers. Trust it to a 35+ year company that is familiar with the local insurance companies and reps. Trust it to someone who will fight on your behalf.

    Call us today at 833-JRCO-USA to schedule your no-obligation roof inspection!

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