Roof Restoration: SPF Roof Coating & Spray Foam Roofing

Does the thought of doing roof maintenance make you shudder? For a business, that can conjure images of extended closures, disruptions, construction debris, and potential waste of money. However, there’s one option out there that promises to sidestep the inconveniences high cost of replacing a roof entirely: Roof Restoration.

Roof Restoration is a convenient, effective solution that uses a variety of roof coatings or Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) to renew an existing roof. This simple procedure can add years – if not decades – to an existing roof system without the hassle of other types of roofing updates. If your roof is due for maintenance or you’re looking to extend its lifespan, Roof Restoration may be for you. Read on to discover what Roof Restoration is and why it’s an ideal option for building owners, facility managers, and property management companies.

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Roof Restoration: Lightweight, Convenient, Long-Lasting

Roof Restoration, also known as roof coatings and spray foam roofing, is the application of a monolithic, fluid-applied roofing membrane over an existing roof system. It’s a proven, effective way to renew an existing roof system with minimal disruption or impact on the building while adding tremendous value and integrity.

A high performing roof coating system is made up of a combination of roof coatings, sealants, and other accessories to achieve a monolithic seamless membrane. There are a variety of roof coatings to chose from when specifying a new restoration system. Based on the type of existing substrate, its current condition, climate challenges, budget, and life cycle expectations will help determine which roof coating is a best fit for a building. There may be a need to combat ponding water, the roof may see heavy foot traffic, protection from hail damage in the Midwest, heavy dirt accumulation, bird droppings, solar heat, or many other issues facing todays roofs. Considering these and other factors is how we consult our customers to building an effective and affordable roof plan.

Another optimal Roof Restoration system is Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF). A spray foam roof membrane is ideal for existing substrates with too much texture to affordably install a roof coating system. Spray foam will encapsulate that texture and provide a quality substrate for the protective roof coating. Roof insulation is another key advantage to applying a spray foam roof system. Because spray foam is monolithic and fully adhered it achieves the highest insulation values. Often times a spray foam roof is the solution to avoid tearing off an old worn out asphalt roof.

How Can Commercial Buildings Benefit From Foam Roof Coating?

JR & Co. provides multiple options for commercial roof restoration projects. We can apply spray foam roof coatings over your existing roofing system for minimal disruptions to your building’s existing structure. Alternatively, we can use an EPDM roof restoration rubber membrane when we’re dealing with a worn-out asphalt roof.

Here are some reasons why building owners should invest in high-quality commercial roof coating today:

  • Regulate Indoor Temperature

    Roof coatings are an effective way to reflect the sun’s harsh rays. By reflecting heat away from your commercial roofing, the building interior can stay cooler for longer.

  • Reduce Energy Consumption

    Better temperature regulation means less need for running the indoor air conditioning system. The lower energy consumption then leads to lower energy bills for your commercial building.

  • Improve Eco-Friendliness

    If your commercial building is moving toward sustainability, then roof coatings are one way to boost its eco-friendliness. Instead of replacing an old roof system, you can extend the life of your existing roof with the use of roof coatings. It helps you avoid heavy roof replacement costs, too.

  • Increase Energy Star Rating

    A building’s Energy Star rating is dynamic. It changes along with your structural restoration and replacement projects. Roof coating is one of the easiest ways to boost your energy efficiency and, potentially, your Energy Star rating.

  • Protect Against Roof Damage

    If your commercial building has been around for a long time, you aren’t a stranger to roof leaks, mold growth, and other roof-related damages. Protect your roof system from these damages and avoid costly repairs in the long term by adding a roof coating.

  • Extend Roofing Lifespan

    Roof coating goes beyond reflecting harsh sunlight, regulating indoor temperature, and protecting against extreme weather conditions. It makes your existing roof look better. And more importantly, it adds a layer of strength and durability to your roofing system, effectively extending its lifespan.

JR&CO - Roof Restoration: Polyurethane Foam

Commercial roof coating

Roof coatings done with SPF can take as little as a single afternoon depending on the size of the building. Through this process, your roof acquires a seamless (monolithic), weatherproof “skin” that lasts for decades.

  1. The roof is prepared. Dirt, dust, contaminants, gravel, etc, pressure washed and removed.
  2. All seams, protrusions, roof curbs, roof drains, fasteners, etc, are sealed.
  3. The existing roof membrane is then coated and often times in multiple passes to achieve a monolithic membrane and a sustainable roof system.
  4. The finish coat is typically white, but sometimes it can be gray, tan, or even “blue”.
  5. The end result is a highly effective weatherproofing system that is capable of being sustained for the life of the building.

What Types of Roofing Are Best Suited to Roof Restoration?

Roof restoration is a flexible and versatile option that’s suitable for a variety of roof systems. Our specialists are skilled at applying roof coating and spray foam roof systems to:

  • Built-up asphalt. These substrates are typically at the end of their service life and cracks and voids start appearing and drain details start to fail.
  • Modified Bitumen membranes. Roof restoration systems install very well over these types of membranes. You can use an acrylic, urethane, silicone, or spray foam system.
  • Single-ply membranes. Single-Ply’s are an up and coming market in the Roof Restoration industry. These membranes started to be installed in the early 2000’s and are now reaching the end of their warranty periods and service life. A Roof Restoration system will likely outperform the original sheet itself.
  • Metal Roof Restoration. Metal roofing is a favorite for many building types because of its low maintenance and strong weather resistance. It’s almost as if Roof Restoration systems where designed specifically for metal roofs. The products used in these systems are made to adhere exceptionally well to metal, move and flex (elastomeric), and lower surface temperatures.
  • EPDM rubber. Rubber roofs were popular in the 1970s and are still in use today. Typical failure of an EPDM roof is at the seams. The seam details in an EPDM restoration system securely locks down and seals all seams.

Why Choosing Roof Restoration Is a Smart Move

Like the slogan says, “sometimes it’s smarter not to replace your roof”. It’s a given that tearing off a roof can be costly, dirty, and disruptive to daily operations. Roof Restoration systems allow a building owner to capitalize by saving money related to a tear-off and provides a durable new substrate that is sustainable throughout the life of the building. The idea of renewing your warranty by applying a new finish coat is very attractive and easy on the pocketbook. And that can’t be achieved with any other roof system on the market.

Commercial Roof Restoration systems are considered to be one of the best options when needing a new roof because they are the least expensive to apply and carry the most amount of benefits when compared to other conventional roof systems. They also deliver numerous benefits to companies that choose them. Among these many benefits include:

Lowest Applied Cost

Businesses need every opportunity to reduce their expenses – spray foam and roof coatings represent some of the most cost-effective options available for businesses that need their roof restored. This method of roofing doesn’t require costly tear-offs, expensive roof system components to rebuild the system from scratch, and has minimal labor costs.

Likewise, once the coating begins to wear down with age, it can simply be reapplied. There’s no need to remove what’s already there, giving you an impressively low life cycle cost.

Full Restoration

Commercial roof restoration is ideal for existing roof systems that have life remaining, but are beyond repairs and maintenance. For these buildings, a roof coating system or a spray foam roof system can provide a boost to the existing roof’s lifespan that requires only minimal upkeep to maintain. With a new Roof Restoration System, you’ll practically have a new roof that permanently stops things like pesky leaks that may result in more serious roofing problems.

Seamless and Weatherproof

Businesses in Kansas City, especially, reap the many benefits of Sprayed Polyurethane Foam and roof coatings on account of our weather and climate. We’re prone to storms and severe weather at any time of the year along with high summer heat and cold winter nights. Seams are often the weak point in a roofing system, allowing moisture to seep through or becoming the first point of failure during a windstorm. However, due to the monolithic application and the nature of a seamless roof system those concerns are unfounded.

No Business Interruption

Putting off getting your roofing done because you’re concerned about how it will affect business? Don’t. Unlike other roofing systems, Roof Restoration produces minimal mess and noise. In fact, combined with the speed of the process, you might not even know that we’re there. We can apply your new roof while your doors are open, ensuring minimal disruption for customers and operations.

Reflective Surface

Did you know that Kansas City averages 215 days of sunshine each year? That’s plenty of time for your building to soak up the sunshine – and the heat. Customers that get foam roof systems installed, however, frequently report that their utility bills drop. That’s because a spray foam roof membrane is an excellent insulation and roof coatings are reflective and will deflect heat away from the building.

10, 15, and 20-Year System Warranties

We use advanced technology and best roofing practices to ensure that you receive a top-quality, long-lasting product. As a result, we’re also able to provide 10, 15, and 20-year warranties for our restoration systems. At the end of its service life, we’ll provide a maintenance re-coat – and your warranty will start over. Best of all? You can do this as many times as you like for about half the cost. And yes, we did say your roof warranty will start all over.

Who Should Consider Roof Restoration?

Commercial Roof Restoration is an excellent choice in many situations. Think about opting for a spray foam roof or roof coating system if you:

  • Need additional insulation. SPF is an excellent insulation material and can provide a boost to your existing insulation.
  • Experience severe temperatures. Since it’s both heat and cold resistant, a reflective roof coating is excellent if your building frequently experiences extreme temperatures.
  • Have an unusual roof configuration or numerous penetrations. Unusual configurations can make it hard to adequately cover a roof. Since Roof Restoration systems down as a liquid, it will fill all gaps evenly and provide a smooth seamless substrate.
  • Require a lightweight roof coating system. A foam roof system weighs far less than 1 pound per square foot, adding very little weight to a structure.

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When you work with us, you’ll enjoy:

The Benefit of Experience

We have 30+ years of experience as roofing specialists in the Kansas City, Florida, and Colorado Springs areas. We not only know the ins-and-outs of Roof Restoration, but we understand the roofing industry as a whole. Our technicians understand the challenges of roofing and with our vast experience we can assure our customers that we will design the right fit roofing system to meet their budget concerns and their roofing goals.

Recognized Workmanship

Our workmanship and customer service have been recognized by the manufacturers with whom we work. We’re ranked among the Top 100 Roofing Contractors in the Nation and have won numerous awards.


We’re a highly customer-centric organization that emphasizes relationship building with our customers. We aren’t here simply to do your roof restoration. We’ll strive to become a valuable business partner throughout the years to keep your roofing solutions in top shape.

Get Roof Restoration Done the Right Way With JR & Co.

Roof Restoration with roof coatings is a convenient, lightweight, and long-lasting solution for commercial roofs with 40 to 70 percent of their life remaining. Using environmentally friendly ingredients like spray polyurethane foam, you can enjoy a cost-effective and energy-efficient coating system that lasts for decades.

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