What Is The CLARITY Program?

The CLARITY Roof Maintenance Program is the new standard for taking care of your buildings’ largest assets – their roofs. JR & Co. combines proactive maintenance with discounted reactive programs to extend the lifecycle of your roof(s) and give you peace of mind!


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Disaster Response

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JR & Co. Disaster Response Clients enjoy peace of mind that their buildings are being monitored for potentially damaging weather events, and that if something does happen, they’ll be first in line for inspections and repairs.

\ Free to Enroll

\ Benefits

  • 24/7 Severe Weather Monitoring of Your Property
  • 24 Hour Response Time
  • Emergency Dry-ins with Shrinkwrap
  • Temporary Roof Systems
  • Detailed Storm Damage Inspections
  • Assistance Communicating with Insurance Adjusters
  • Commercial Roof Repairs & Replacements

Service Agreement

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JR & Co. Service Accounts represent the true core of our business and have allowed us to earn “partnership” status based upon the very best performance, prioritization, pricing and care.

By agreeing to make JR & Co. your first call for service, we promise to make sure someone is onsite within 24 hours for any roof problem that may arise.

\ Benefits

  • Pay As You Go
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Leak Call Priority
  • Discounted Service Rates
  • Consultative Options/Pricing on Re-Roofs
  • Prioritized Scheduling on Projects
  • Work Pictures and Descriptions Provided

Roof Top Maintenance

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Preventative maintenance is the best thing building owners can do to EXTEND the life cycle of their roof(s).

\ Annual Service Fee*

\ All Benefits of Disaster Response Program Included

\ All Benefits of Service Agreement Program Included

\ Cloud-Based Client Portal (Roof Link)

\ Thorough, 20 Point Inspections

  • Pipe Flashing Condition, Pitch Pocket Filler Condition, Drains & Debris, All Visible Overlap Seams ,High Traffic Areas, All Roof Termination Points, Gas Line & Electrical Blocking Support, Roof Field & Wall Conditions, Roof Attachment Method, Coping or Perimeter, Equipment Curb Flashings, Discarded/Not In Place, Third-Party Damage, All Points of Caulking & Sealants, Roof to Wall Transitions, Roof to Curb Transitions, Scupper Flashings, Wall & Curb Flashings, Roof Deterioration of Any Sort, Missing or Moved Rock Ballast
*Annual service fee based on the size, location, and complexity of the roof system. Any repair services outside of those included in the maintenance program will be approved and charged separately.

What Our Clients Say

“Any time I have a roof leak at a business location, I call JR & Co. They are quick to respond, gets me a fair quote, and has the team out quickly to always do a great job with whatever we need.”

“JR & Co. was able to come in and get a project completed for us with very little notice. They came in and knocked it out of the park. Quality and speedy work.”

“We partner with JR & Co. for all our roof projects. They are professional, on time & take great care of our clients.”

“One thing I really like about JR & Co., is how they document before and after photos of all the work that is done. In a world where roofers come and go about every couple of years, JR & Co. has been a stable, reliable and consistent roofer for us. I would recommend them to anyone.”

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