What Is Roof Link?

Roof Link is the next generation in roof management for companies that want to save money and simplify control of one of their largest assets.

JR & CO combines an easy to use, cloud-based client portal with annual inspections, basic and preventative maintenance and severe weather monitoring and reporting to give clients more data than they’ve ever had.

Roof Link helps to reduce the yearly life-cycle cost on roofing inventory utilizing budgeting tools, roof reports, leak histories and much more.

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    Client Portal

    Real-time access to all your important data

    • Roof reports
    • Leak history
    • Recommended preventative maintenance
    • Capital budget

    Cloud Based

    • Office, field or home – at your fingertips
    • Mobile app

    Roof Inspections & Evaluations

    Annual of bi-annual inspections

    In depth analysis of your roof

    • Roof diagrams/drawings
    • Photos & video with descriptions of each section
    • Repair/maintenance recommendations
    • Grading of the current condition of all roof sections to determine lifespan
    • Detailed budget plan for both short & long term solutions
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    jrcousa roof link weather

    Severe Weather Monitoring

    • Automatic Notifications
    • Post storm inspection within 48 hours
    • Damage assessment & weather report
    • Immediate service for small repairs at discounted rate
    • Large repairs receive priority scheduling
    • Peace of mind when not on location

    Why Invest in a Roof Asset Management System?

    When you own or run commercial properties, you have to protect your investments and make sure they’re in top condition. This isn’t easy when there are so many factors to consider, including lease contracts, lease compliance rental fees, tenant relations, and maintenance and repairs.

    Let Roof Link help you out. This next-generation commercial roofing management tool simplifies the way you look after your roofing system.

    Consider the benefits of a cloud-based roof asset management system:

    • Streamline Day-to-Day Operations

      Investing in this commercial roof management system means that you don’t have to spend more time than necessary pulling up roofing-related information for your reports. The cloud-based system simplifies property management, roof repair history, and access to other important data.

    • Simplify Long-Term Planning

      Roof Link keeps track of your annual inspections and roof maintenance data. As a result, it’s easier than ever to determine when you need to maintain or repair your roof.

    • Schedule Timely Roof Repair

      It’s understandable if preventative maintenance slips your mind. As a commercial property administrator, you have other matters to attend to. With the help of Roof Link, you’ll be alerted of your roof maintenance schedule and avoid costly avoidable repairs.

    • Get In-Depth Roof Analysis

      Why waste time digging up old files and getting someone to survey the roof for the nth time when your cloud database can store roof diagrams, photos, and videos for you? Roof Link makes analyses, annual inspections, and roof maintenance budgeting more convenient.

    • Get Accurate Cost Estimates

      When you have easy access to the bigger picture, it’s easier to get cost estimates for any roof repair, maintenance, or replacement projects that you might have in mind. Roof Link’s cloud-based system gives you access to all the data you need to build a budget.

    As a trusted roofing company in the United States, JR & Co. is excited to share all the benefits of Roof Link with you. Schedule a free demo today.