Sheet Metal for Commercial Construction

Roofs, Walls, Exterior, Interior, Architectural, Ornamental & More

Whatever your sheet metal needs are we can help!

Sheet metal is one of the most versatile construction materials. It’s used to build rain gutters and sidings, make ducts for HVAC systems, and build residential standing seam metal roofs. Sheet metal construction can be decorative or functional, too. Whatever your sheet metal needs are, we can help!

There are several benefits of metal roofing systems, particularly ones made of sheet metal.

  • The material has a low weight-to-width ratio. Sheet metal is easy to transport to the construction site. Given its relative lightness and thinness, the material is easy to work with.
  • The material demonstrates high strength and durability. These are the main reasons sheet metal is so popular. Its resilience stands against harsh weather and extreme temperatures.
  • The material is relatively low cost. You can cut down on construction costs by stocking up at a local metal roofing supplier. Sheet metal’s low cost makes it a practical choice for one-off construction and replacements.
  • The material is malleable. Many construction projects use sheet metal because of how easily it can be cut, bent, and stretched into the precise shape or size required for any project design.
  • The material can be easily repaired. Whether it’s used for a residential metal roof or for architectural design, sheet metal is relatively easy to repair.

We always strive for proactive construction solutions that let you get maximum return on your investment. When our commercial construction experts suggest sheet metal as a solution for your unique needs, you’ll find its features agreeable.

  • Resistance: In addition to its durability, sheet metal is heat, moisture, and corrosion-resistant.
  • Availability: Sheet metal is easily available, unlike other materials that could take weeks to order.
  • Adaptability: Sheet metal is used for low and high-volume production. It adapts to your needs.
  • Quality: Despite its lightness and malleability, sheet metal is a long term solution as a metal roofing panel.
  • Fabrication: Sheet metal can handle different fabrication methods based on your needs.
  • Finishes: Sheet metal offers a wide range of finishing options to match your design plans.

JR & Co. is known for our outstanding workmanship and customer service. Let’s discuss your sheet metal needs today.


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  • Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings
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  • Angle Hair Stainless Steel
  • Naval Bronze
  • Marine Bronze
  • Bronze
  • Muntz Metal
  • Copper
  • Yellow Brass
  • Zinc
  • Titanium
  • Weathering Steel
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  • Concealed Fastener Metal Siding
  • Metal Tile Siding Panels


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  • Bermuda
  • Column cover
  • Sun Shade
  • Cupolas
  • Steeples
  • Etching
  • Patina
  • Retro-fit
  • Bead Blast Stainless Steel
  • Angle Hair Stainless Steel
  • Naval Bronze
  • Marine Bronze
  • Bronze
  • Muntz Metal
  • Copper
  • Yellow Brass
  • Zinc
  • Titanium
  • Weathering Steel