7 Reasons Not to Use Storm Chasing Roofers

JR & Co. Kansas City Residential Roofing

Storm chasers are individuals who show up in neighborhoods that have been affected by severe storms, offering their roof repairing and replacement services. The storm chasers with the sweetest smile and persuasive methods will give you the lower price, fast labor, and even more deals that will be hard to resist, but is it worth the risk? 

The services of a storm chaser are often characterized by:

  1. Delays
  2. Lack of roofing experience
  3. Use of cheap materials
  4. No service or product warranty
  5. Incomplete work
  6. Unreliable business
  7. Possibility of scams

According to Fairmont Farmers mutual, the first step of a storm chaser is to ask the property owner to sign a contract allowing their company to negotiate with the property owner’s insurance company. By signing these documents, property owners may be waiving their right to any decision making regarding their repairs or replacement.

They also lose control over the insurance settlement, and the entire check of the payment may legally need to be signed over to the storm chaser – regardless of the quality or quantity of work completed. The property owner may lose some control over materials used, leaving the storm chaser free to cut corners in order to increase their profit.

Most importantly, warranty repairs can be very difficult to obtain as most storm chasers leave the area as soon as the storm “plays out.” These companies are generally gone long before warranty issues arise. To make matters even more difficult, some storm chasers lease local company names so they appear to be local.

Once they complete their work in the area, they leave.  It may be overwhelming to know your roof is damaged but do not let the panic and the situation direct you to the wrong and easy way, contact JR & Co. today! We’re local, reliable, referable and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.