Eco friendly roofing options have been on the rise as of late! Here are 8 great options you should consider if you’re interested in being more green!

Whether you are passionate about helping the environment or just want a more affordable electric bill, an eco-friendly roof is a smart addition to any home.

These roofing materials and methods aim to help the home use as little energy as possible. Typically, they focus on temperature control as well as airflow in the home.

The good news is, there are a number of options for eco friendly roofing, making it easier to find one within your budget.

How Eco Friendly Roofing Can Benefit Your Home

Eco-friendly roofs come with a number of benefits for homeowners. First, the primary appeal of eco-friendly roofs is the amount of money saved on monthly bills.

Next, is being able to reduce your carbon footprint. Many homeowners find it rewarding to know that they can contribute to creating a better planet for future generations.

Many states also offer an added tax incentive for those who choose eco-friendly resources for their home. Nothing like receiving extra money for making smart environmental choices!

Types of Eco Roofing

When building your home, you’ll find there are a number of eco-friendly roofing materials to choose from. The material that’s right for your home will depend on the style and architecture of your home, as well as what fits within your budget.

Here you’ll find some of our most recommended options for eco-friendly roofing materials and methods.

1. Rubber Roof

Ever wonder what happens to your old, worn out tires? In many cases, they become repurposed and used as roof materials.

This material is a great option if you live in an area that experiences harsh storms from time to time. Not only are they incredibly durable against natural elements, but they also have a lengthy life span.

The average rubber roof will last 50 years without having to be changed out. That means less maintenance and upkeep on your part.

2. Green Roof

When thinking about green roofing many people tend to imagine what hobbits or Teletubbies live in. However, rounded green roofs are just one of the many roofing styles to choose from.

The true quality of planting a green roof is their ability to keep your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Green roofs also purify the air around your home and can even be used as additional gardening space.

3. Clay Roof

While building with clay has been a technique used for centuries, the technique has seen a renaissance in recent years. This material can now be found in even the most upscale eco-friendly hotels.

Clay is a great material for insulating your home and keeping your interior temperatures comfortable. The material is also long-lasting, and dirt cheap. See what we did there?

4. Shingle Roof (Recycled Materials)

Some homeowners are looking for a more traditional look that can still be done in an eco-friendly manner. Sustainable wooden shingle roofs are a solid option if you love the look of classic wooden roofs.

Shingle roofs can also be manufactured with a number of recycled materials, making it easy to find a style that suits your home.

5. Standing Seam Metal Roof

When it comes to the many eco-friendly roofing options available, metal roofs are one option that checks all the boxes. First, metal roofs are an excellent choice for reducing your home’s temperature, thanks to their reflective nature.

Metal roofs are also incredibly durable and can stand against the harshest natural elements. Like rubber roofs, metal roofs come with a lifespan of 50 years and require minimum maintenance.

if you want to make this option even more environmentally friendly, we suggest finding a manufacturer that uses recycled materials to create their metal roofs.

6. White Roof

If you live in an area with rising temperatures, then you already know how expensive using your air conditioner can really be. Trying to keep your home a comfortable temperature can result in a serious spike in your electric bills, especially during summer months.

Fortunately, you can help keep your home cool by simply choosing a white roof. White roofs (or any lighter colored roof) are more reflective and tend not to hold heat. Which means your home stays cool, and there’s less need to keep your air conditioner running.

7. Standard Shingle Roof

While standard shingle roofs may not be as eco-friendly as those made from recycled material, they are still solid options. The simple design of shingle roofs requires the use of fewer materials, making them beneficial to the environment.

Standard shingle roofs also offer the same durable benefits as many of the options on this list. Finally, shingle roofs are budget-friendly and won’t require a hefty investment.

8. Corrugated Roof

Corrugated roofs combine technology with style to create a sleek and durable material. The design of corrugated roofs allows them to stand against harsh wind conditions, while still trapping heat within the home.

This makes it a great option for those living in cold climates, that are looking to keep their heating costs low:

Finding the Right Eco-Friendly Roofing for Your Home

When it comes to finding the right material for your eco friendly roofing project, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by options. However, it’s important to find the option that best suits your project timeline, budgets, and home goals.

If you’re looking for a little extra guidance on which roof type is the best choice for your home, contact us today for help.