A TPO roof can conserve energy, which can save you money. Just how much money can you save with a TPO roof? Learn what you need to know here.

Are you looking for a quality and durable roofing system for your building or business? Maybe it’s time you got a TPO, Thermoplastic Polyolefin, roof.

Maybe you’ve heard about it but find yourself asking what is a TPO roof. It is an eco-friendly single-ply roofing membrane made from rubber and is resistant to ultra-violet rays. A TPO is mainly used in flat roofs.

Factors to Consider When Getting a TPO Roof Membrane

There are various factors you need to consider when you decide to get a TPO roof. These include;

Climate- TPO roofing is prone to hot climatic conditions. Before buying one, make sure that the weather conditions of where you live are favorable. Favorable weather patterns will ensure that your TPO roof will serve you longer.

Texture- When choosing a roof membrane, ensure that its texture is smooth so that dirt doesn’t stick on it.

Thickness- The roofing membrane thickness is an important factor to consider when getting a TPO roof. The bigger the thickness of the membrane you choose, the longer it will last and the more resistant it will be to tear.

Welding- The TPO roof you choose should be properly welded to fit well.

Costs Associated with TPO Roofing

There are two categories of costs associated with TPO roofing. They include:

Labor Cost- If you are replacing an old roof for the TPO one, consider the cost of bringing down the old roof and the cost for installing a new one.

Material Cost- In this category, you have the insulation material cost and membrane material cost.

Factors Affecting TPO Roof Costing

There are various cost levels for TPO roof costing. The cost may be affected by factors such as:

The roofers’ level of experience- Roofers who have been in the TPO roofing industry for long will be more expensive for you to hire compared to those with less experience. Even if it costs you more, hiring more experienced roofers will be beneficial due to the skills they have acquired over time.

The time of the year- Installing a roof system during spring and summer will cost you more as a lot of construction and remodeling takes place during these seasons.

Membrane thickness- The thicker the roof membrane, the more it will cost you. The thickest membrane, though more expensive, will ensure that your roof serves longer with little to no tear.

How Much Money Can You Save With a TPO Roof?

A TPO can conserve energy, which can save you money. Just how much money can you save with a TPO roof? Learn what you need to know here.

Energy Costs

The energy-saving features of TPO roofs help reduce energy costs. Depending on your total monthly energy bills, the savings will vary.

For instance, when the weather is hot, you will use air conditioners for cooling. Since the TPO roofing membrane has a cooling effect, you won’t have to buy air conditioners. The money you would have otherwise spend on air conditioning will go to your savings.

Maintenance Costs

The cost of maintaining a TPO roof is relatively low. Also, the roof doesn’t need frequent maintenance as it’s to tear. This means that excess money from your maintenance kitty goes to savings.

Benefits of a TPO Roofing System

TPO roofing has several benefits, some of which include:

It’s Eco-friendly

TPO roof membranes are 100% recyclable. If you are keen on keeping the environment conducive, TPO roofs will help you do so.

It’s Economical

The initial cost of installing a TPO roof may be high, but because of their durability and low maintenance cost, they end up being economical for you.

Reduce Energy Costs

Due to their ultra-violet resistance nature, TPO roofs keep the indoors cool. This reduces the cost you would have spent on energy bills and air conditioning equipment.

Cheap to Maintain

Membrane roofs don’t easily absorb dirt. Also, they are not easy to tear, and if they do, it’s easy to repair. These qualities make it easy and cheap for you to maintain TPO roofs.

It’s Durable

The membrane material used to make TPO roofs is of good quality, and this makes it possible for the roofs last for 15-20 years.

Variety of Colors

Though TPO roofs don’t come in many, colors, there are still some for you to choose from. They include light grey, white, tan and black.

Tips for Maintaining a TPO Roof

Even though a TPO roof is durable, it won’t serve you forever. That’s why you need to maintain it over time to serve you better. Here are some tips:

Evaluation- Examining your membrane roof time and again will help you know its progress, and whenever a repair is needed, you’ll notice immediately.

Cleaning- It’s important for you to learn proper cleaning techniques for your membrane or hire a professional to do it for you.

Frequent repairs for small damage- No matter how small the roof damage is, repair it to avoid future losses.

TPO coating- As time goes by, your roof will tear and wear, and begin to age too. To maintain its original color, apply a TPO coating.

Do You Want To Give TPO Roofing a Try?

Having shown you how much you can save and the tips for maintenance, a TPO roof should be next in your budget. It will give your building/business a classy, stylish look.

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