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Roof leaks can be a nuisance or a disaster in any building, but in the case of commercial facilities, leaks can cause considerable financial loss as well as the loss of reputation, that is why knowing about and eliminating leak sources in a timely manner is very important. To be able to do that in your business, According to commercial roofing repair and maintenance experts, here are the five most common causes of roof leaks in commercial building:

  • Improper drainage – clogged, otherwise damaged or incorrectly designed gutters cannot direct water away from the building, potentially causing roof damage as well as damage to the building’s walls and foundation. Fortunately, the issue is easy to prevent, by regularly inspecting and cleaning the gutter pipes and by ensuring proper capacity;
  • Unsealed roof penetrations – most commercial roofs accommodate HVAC components, vents, utility lines and many other systems that can let water penetrate the deeper layers of the roof. The solution is simple: you only need to seal those penetrations properly;
  • Damaged flashing – the stripes of material used to seal openings and to reinforce joints can get easily damage and cause leaks, therefore they need regular inspections and repair if faults are detected;
  • Old age – commercial roofs are usually warranted to last for 15-20 years. Any roof older than that is prone to leaking, the best solution for these structures being replacement.