PVC roof Kansas City installationPolyvinyl chloride, commonly referred to as PVC, is a material used for making many things, including single-ply membranes for roofs. PVC is among the most common and most popular roofing materials used on commercial roofs – here are the advantages that you can benefit with the great, synthetic material:

  • Resistance – PVC is among the hardiest roofing materials used today, resistant not only to water, pests and hurricane-force winds, but also to stress typical for commercial buildings, such as chemical spills and heavy foot traffic;
  • Reflectivity – PVC roof installation experts confirm that PVC reflects solar heat, rather than absorbing it, thus being a great building feature to choose if you want to achieve improved energy efficiency;
  • Durability – PVC is also among the longest-lived commercial roofing materials, usually warranted for about 30-35 years;
  • Easy installation – the membranes made from PVC are quick and easy to install;
  • Low maintenance – the synthetic material does not need any special maintenance, other than the usual cleaning and inspection performed every six months on the roof surface as well as on the surrounding drainage system;
  • Affordability – PVC roofing systems are also the preferred choice of many businesses due to the material’s low costs as well as due to the low installation costs.