JR & Co. is an energetic, optimistic, and family-oriented construction company established in 1986 and headquartered in Kansas City, MO. We are proud to offer a variety of roofing and construction services including sheet metal, tenant finish, federal contracting, solar installation, disaster relief, emergency roof repair, rooftop maintenance, and roof restoration. We are determined to provide our customers with all their building envelope needs, including consultation, construction, and project oversight.

Recognized by leading roofing and construction manufacturers for outstanding workmanship and customer service, as well as an A+ rating from the BBB, JR & Co. is a superior choice. JR & Co.’s value creation for employees, customers, and the community is what sets us apart in the roofing and construction industry. Our cost-effective solutions deliver quality without the cost, and peace of mind as well! Call us today for a free estimate!

What Commercial Roofing Systems do we Specialize in?

lightwellWith over 30 years of experience, our teams are familiar with a variety of roofing systems! Here are some of the most common systems we offer and proudly install:

TPO Roofing Systems

Thermoplastic polyolefin is a heat- and chemical-resistant roofing material that can withstand harsh weather and protect against outdoor elements. TPO is also efficient to install, making it one of the most popular commercial roofing options.

EPDM Roofing Systems

Ethylene propylene diene monomer — or EPDM, for short — is a synthetic roofing material that demonstrates long-term durability. This rubber roofing material is a popular flat root system for many commercial establishments across the country.

PVC Roofing Systems

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is another commonly used material for commercial and industrial roofing. It’s a single-ply roofing solution with a relatively long lifespan. It can come in various colors and thickness levels to match your commercial roofing needs.

Metal Roofing Systems

You can be confident that high-quality metal roofing won’t quickly deteriorate. Metal roofing looks clean and retains its finish effortlessly. This roofing material can easily sustain strong winds without any resulting damage. Metal roofing is one of the most fire-resistant systems we install.

SPF Roof Coating

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing is arguably your roof’s greatest protection against harmful UV rays. It serves as a thermal and moisture barrier to provide better insulation for your commercial property. As a result, it improves your energy efficiency.

Roof installations shouldn’t be stressful. Call us today to get a free estimate and inspection! Let our experienced commercial roofing team alleviate your stress, install a quality roof, and give you peace of mind!

Disaster Response & The Insurance Claims Process

Powerful storm systems can create incredible amounts of damage, and proactive, efficient, and rapid response is absolutely critical to ensuring your assets are protected. JR & Co. proudly offers disaster response services to help you through the most trying of times.

From storm monitoring, emergency mitigation response, and navigating the complex insurance claims process, business owners trust our team, because we are well versed in the nuances of disaster response and limiting disruption to your facility operations. We have capably responded to hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, and so much more for over 30 years and our team has proudly handled emergency roof repairs, protecting what matters most.

Repair & Service: A Cost Effective Solution

Hall of Waters 13Effective roof maintenance and repairs contribute to a longer lifespan for your roofing system. It also affords you maximum return on your investment. Peace of mind comes with knowing that you are working with a roofing contractor that is well versed in quality customer service, and who will ensure you get the best cost effective solution.

Our experienced in-house team performs a full roof inspection before presenting the most suitable options. You get the best value for your money and the assurance that your roof will remain in good condition for years to come.

Our team has extensive technical roofing knowledge. In addition to emergency roof repair, you can count on us for troubleshooting, investigation, and preventive maintenance.

We provide a wide range of commercial and industrial roofing repair services, including:

  • 24/7 Emergency Roof Repair Services: Call us at any time of the day for emergency roof repairs.
  • Non-Emergency Roofing Repair: We address all roofing repair concerns, not just emergencies.
  • Roof Condition Evaluation: We conduct a thorough assessment of your roofing condition.
  • Appropriate Repair Solutions: We provide the most suitable repair options for your roof.
  • Re-Roofing Budget: Our team can present a re-roofing budget cost for your upcoming project.
  • Rooftop Maintenance Agreements: Regular maintenance helps you maximize the lifespan of your roof.

Our roof maintenance and repair solutions are available for all building and business owners who manage industrial and commercial buildings. We also cater to decision-makers for federal, public bid, and general contracting accounts. To better manage your commercial assets, we also proudly offer Roof Link.

Get in touch today for commercial and residential roofing repair and maintenance solutions that extend the life of your roof. Our services help you gain a high return on your roofing investment.

Sheet Metal for Commercial Construction

roofing and constructionJR & Co. is proud to offer a variety of roofing and construction services, including our own in-house sheet metal department. Whatever your sheet metal needs are we can help!

Sheet metal is one of the most versatile construction materials. It is used to build rain gutters and sidings, make ducts for HVAC systems, and build residential standing seam metal roofs. Depending on the needs of our client, sheet metal construction can be decorative and/or functional, too.

There are several benefits of metal roofing systems.

The material has a low weight-to-width ratio. Sheet metal is easy to transport to the construction site. The material also demonstrates high strength and durability. Its resilience stands against harsh weather and extreme temperatures. Many construction projects also use sheet metal because of how easily it can be cut, bent, and stretched into the precise profiles required for any project design. Additionally, whether it’s used for a residential metal roof or for architectural design, sheet metal is relatively easy to repair.

We always strive for proactive construction solutions that allow you maximum return on your investment. Learn more about how you can start your next project and call us today!

Tenant Finish

roofing and constructionTurn to JR & Co. for tenant finishing solutions to improve your commercial space. We listen to your plans for each renovation project. Then, we recommend solutions that maximize the return on your investment. From interior improvements to ground up construction, JR & Co. proudly offers a full portfolio of roofing and construction services.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Tenant Finish: We renovate or remodel your commercial building interior to incorporate your unique design needs and improvement targets.
  • Commercial Remodeling: This can include major tenant finish projects involving HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems, and other major structural changes.
  • Commercial Construction: From new construction, remodels, or restoration, JR & Co. has full general construction capabilities as well!
  • Leasehold Upgrades: Share with us the requirements and specifications of your lease agreement. We’ll take care of the rest for you.
  • Interior Upgrades: This can include design improvements in specific spaces within the building, like lobbies, restrooms, conference rooms, and office spaces.
  • Outdoor Remodeling: We specialize in commercial roofing systems, so you can also count on our team for roofing restoration, solar panels, and similar services.

Let our team of respected, reliable contractors help you with your next tenant finish project. Call us today to learn more. We pride ourselves on quality customer service and our cost effective solutions, and we look forward to working with you on your next roofing and construction project.

Solar Installation: Go Green with your Next Roofing and Construction Project

roofing and constructionWith our 30 years of experience providing quality roofing and construction services, we found that solar installation perfectly fits our ever-growing list of services! We are proud to work with many major solar project designers to provide a service that gives you the peace of mind that experience brings. Our team would be thrilled to help in your next solar installation project!

Federal Contracting: Cost Effective Solutions you can Trust

JR & Co., Inc. is a turn-key company capable of providing Federal and local Government clients with all their roofing, sheet metal, and solar systems. From Design-Build, Moisture Detection, System Engineering, Pre-Construction Planning, Construction Project Management, Ongoing Lifecycle Maintenance, and Troubleshooting, our Team is highly skilled and experienced with Government regulation compliance. Learn more about our clients and projects here.

A Full Service Roofing and Construction Contractor

roofing and constructionJR & Co. has proudly evolved over the last 30 years to better serve our clients with an array of services. While our initial start and continued specialty is commercial roofing, our portfolio now includes a variety of roofing and construction services. We are proud to provide cost effective solutions for business owners and granting the peace of mind that comes with quality installations and customer service. To learn more about how we can be of service in your next project, and for a free estimate, call us today!